About Us

Nicmus inc. provides enterprise–grade java based solutions geared towards the small and medium sized business.

Nicmus inc. was incorporated in 2006 under the Canada Corporations Act in Ottawa, Canada. Since July 2010, Nicmus inc. has been extra-provincially registered in Saskatchewan and is operating out of Saskatoon, Canada.

One of our main goals is to build an infrastructure hosting platform which will offer all core Internet services — DNS, e-mail, web site hosting and domain registration — that will become the platform of choice for businesses and individuals from around the world.

In the spirit of open source software, all services offered by Nicmus inc. are free of artificial limits and respect your privacy. Furthermore, the entire service stack will be released under a non-restrictive open source license such as the General Public License (GPL) version 3 or later.

The first component of our platform is DNS and is offered through CustomDNS. Please visit the CustomDNS site for complete overview of the service. Refer to community section for the open source release of our DNS control panel.

We are working on the development of the e-mail hosting solution. Stay tuned for more.